Google Adwords

Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords and PPC?

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform which is used to display short and comprehensive advertisements by advertisers. Advertisers bid on specific keywords to display their clickable ads in Google’s search results. Google AdWords is based on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model. PPC is an Internet marketing model in which for every clicked ads advertiser have to pay is called that also stands for pay-per-click

First Idea Web is the market leader in PPC marketing. We have the team of experts who will improve ROI with measurable results. We design innovative and successful Google ads campaigns according to your specific industry, marketing strategy, and ads budget. Moreover, we do:

  • Continuing evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Modification

Working Cycle


  • Setup Fee
  • Setup By Google Professionals
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Adwords & Google Analytics
  • Emailed Reports
  • Goal & Conversion Management
  • Negative Keywords Lists
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Google Analytics Linking
  • Group Ad Text Creation PPC
  • Personalized Marketing Advice
  • Ad Optimization
  • Sales & Lead Tracking
  • Competitor Watch & Research
  • Mobile Optimized Ad
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Competitor Watch & Research
  • Small Business

  • Rs. 24,999 /-
  • 2
  • 20
  • Monthly
  • Order Now
  • Platinum

  • Rs. 74,999 /-
  • 10
  • 500
  • Weekly
  • Order Now

Working Cycle

The main focus is to enhance awareness of your product/ service/ brand among target audience through our brand lift service.

Research Phase
Strategy Phase
Performance Indicators and Measurement Phase

We firstly do the research on your competitive insights free of charge. So you will get to know: Total spendings of your competitors on paid search ads, Total Click Per Month and Total impressions Per Month

We provide you with an all-inclusive strategy plan of using the competitive insights and Adwords / SEM / PPC. Along with this, you will get a recommendation of targeting the audience in different ways to achieve digital objectives and goals.

Campaign varies from product, brands, or industry. We ensure the effectiveness of the campaign to reach your goals with effective KPIs. First Idea Web is a right place for E-Marketing. We know when and how advertising works!.

Campaign Setup & Execution

The client will inform about the goal for ad campaign from below.

Division of campaigns into certain ad groups according to industries/product/services/geographies of the target audience for best optimization

We select the best keywords and write eye-catching text to create Text Ads. We use different features like call extensions, callouts, site links, and many more.

Use of best-aligned strategy for bidding with well defined KPI with respect to the campaign. It will be followed by Cost per Click (CPC) / Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) / Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

We provide a list of keywords for proper consultation of your product, service, audience, industry, competitor, and many more. So, the client will provide the details of industry, product/service, networking, and target audience.

Convert free text, image, and video ads into the ad gallery. Combine a dynamic remarketing campaign with an ad gallery design to create great ads for all your products or services.

Google Adwords Campaign Remarketing

Connect with those who have already interacted with your website or mobile application with remarketing. That way, you can strategically position your ads for these audiences as you browse Google or their partners’ websites. We provide you with more specific information or encourage these audiences to make an offer.

Regardless of whether you want to improve your business, increase the number of registrations, or increase the visibility of your activities, remarketing is a strategic part of your ads. Here are some of the benefits of remarketing victimization:

Campaign Statistics

Reports on the metering activity of your campaigns using the methods for measuring ads and the value you are paying.

Large Screen

From your devices, you can access people on your remarketing lists who visit millions of websites and mobile apps.

Easily Create Ads

Convert free text, image, and video ads into the ad gallery. Combine a dynamic remarketing campaign with an ad gallery design to create great ads for all your products or services.

Quick Scope / Timing

You can show your ads to people who already had contacts with your business when they look the other way and are probably taking steps to make a sale. In addition, you can help your customers see you more easily by showing your ads on Google Search immediately after your business searches.

Effective Pricing

You can create superior remarketing campaigns with automated bidding. The bidding period calculates the optimal bid for the person seeing your ad and is used to bid for the highest possible value. There are no additional charges for using the Google Auction.

Targeted Ads

You can create remarketing lists to promote specific cases. For example, a remarketing list is created for people who have only one item in their shopping cart but have not performed a group action.

Campaign Management & Reporting Services

We will optimize your campaign on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

What we will do?

  • Removal of underperforming or ads/keywords
  • Testing new ads/keywords
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Landing page optimization to enhance the quality score

What you will get?

  • Monthly reports with metrics and results of the campaign
  • Summary of optimization
  • Summary of insights with the previous and current progress
  • And, summary of ad groups and keywords