How can i change the timestamp in Horde,Roundcube,SquirrelMail?

This article describes how to change default time zone.
Changing the time zone
Of course, webmail applications utilize the host server's time zone. In the event that you are in an alternate time zone, you can change this default. The correct step to do this relies on the webmail application you are utilizing. After you change the time zone setting, the interface shows timestamps in the new time zone whenever you sign in to webmail.
To change time zone, a procedure is given below:

Firstly login to Horde.
After that, in left-hand pane, choose or click option and then click Global option
After that under own information, click locale and time
Select your time zone according to country and then click on save

Login to Roundcube
Click or choose setting
Choose your time zone and then save

Squirrel Mail
Login into SquirrelMail
Choose options
After that choose or click personal information
Then timezone options appear, choose your timezone and then press submit

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