How to create an addon domain?

With Addon Domains, you can have numerous distinctive domains with various site content, all under a similar disk space and bandwidth of one cPanel.

Please follow the following steps to create second domain
Login to your cPanel and snap Addon Domains, under Domains. There are three fields cPanel requests while creating an Addon Domain.

1. New Domain Name: Enter the new, however, don't put http or www in the name.
2. Username/catalog/subdomain Name: This will be the organizer cPanel makes in your public_html folder. Regularly, you need to guarantee the name you give doesn't as of now exist as a folder in public_html, however, cPanel will naturally propose the name and we prescribe you stay with the recommendation.
3. Password: Fill in any password you need here. This password is utilized for an FTP account which is automatically made by cPanel. You likely won't ever require this password, so we recommend picking a random password and overlooking it.

Your new domain is currently effectively included. You can transfer the site records to the particular addon organizer which was made in the public_html folder.

Note: Your new domain name won't show your site until the point that you set that domain's name servers. You should go to the organization where you enrolled your domain and change the name servers there.
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