How to access .htaccess Apache file?

.htaccess access guide
.htaccess is an extraordinary Apache file that advises your site how to work.
You can alter the current .htaccess record on your site, or you can make another content document in any catalog and name it .htaccess
How to secure .htaccess file?
The file is pre ensured; it will be prohibited to programs. To be certain, twofold watch that the document is named ".htaccess" and not "htaccess" nor "htaccess.txt". (It starts begin with a dot.)
Can i delete .htacess file?
You can erase the .htaccess document, however, it will reshow promptly as a blank file.
First idea web has default orders which will dependably be set up unless you make your own orders to overrule our own.

How to edit .htaccess file
The .htaccess record contains orders (guidelines) that advise the server how to act in specific situations and straightforwardly influences how your site capacities. Redirect and modifying URLs are two exceptionally regular directives found in a .htaccess document, and many contents, for example, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento add orders to the .htaccess so those contents can work.
It is conceivable that you may need to alter the .htaccess record sooner or later, for different reasons. This article covers how to alter the record, however not what to change. (You may need to counsel different articles and assets for that data.)

There are different ways to edit  .htaccess file.

      1. Alter the record on your PC and transfer it to the server by means of FTP.
      2. Utilize a FTP program's "Alter" mode that enables you to alter a record remotely.
      3. Utilize the File Manager in cPanel to alter the document.

The speediest and least demanding approach to alter a .htaccess file for many people is to utilize the File Manager in cPanel. This article covers how to alter it utilizing this technique.

How to edit .htaccess file in the file manager of cPanel:

     1.Login to cPanel.
     2.Tap on "Document Manager" in the "Records" segment.
     3.Select "Document Root for:" and select the domain name you wish to get to.
     4.Ensure "Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)" is checked.
     5.Tap the "Go" button.

The File Manager will open in another tab or window.

     1.Search for the .htaccess file in the file list. You may need to look to discover this document.
     2.Right tap on the document and tap on "Code Edit" on the menu. (On the other hand, you can tap on the symbol for the .htaccess document and after that tap on the "Code Editor" symbol at the highest point of the page.)
     3.A dialogue box may show up getting some information about encoding. Simply tap on the "edit" button to proceed.

The editor will open in another window.

     1.Change the file record as required.
     2.Tap on the "Save Changes" button in the upper right-hand corner when done.
     3.The changes that you have made have been saved. Test your site to ensure it has the coveted impact. If not, right the mistake or return to the past point until the point that your site works once more.
Once complete, you can click "Close" to close the window.

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