How to update webserver configuration?

The following article discloses how to adjust and update the web server configuration. This is performed specifically through the cPanel web interface. During the update, you have the choice of adding new features to Apache and PHP.

Follow these steps to update or modify the web server configuration

    1. Open a web program and associate with cPanel WHM by writing the accompanying location in your browser address bar: https://ip address:2087.

    2. Sign in as the Administrator utilizing the data sent to you in your setup email.

    3. Tap software situated on the main menu.

    4. Tap Update Apache.

    5. Tap the check box by the things that you might want to include, expel or change.

    6. Click Start Build.

The chosen modification or installation will now start to install, demonstrating to you a live status of the installation. This may take a lot of time depending upon the segments being introduced or potentially fixed. Once the progress bar in your web program gets done with loading and the program says 'Build Complete' at the base of the installation screen the build has been completed and you can securely navigate off the page.
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