Reseller Account

Our reseller accounts enable you to make and deal with your own hosting clients by means of the Web Host Manager control panel.

Web Host Manager (WHM) is the principal control panel that controls each part of your reseller account.

Each account you make in WHM gains an optional control panel, which is expected for your clients to utilize. This control panel is called Cpanel. It is in Cpanel, that the everyday parts of your customer accounts can be performed. This incorporates, including and evaluating email addresses, MySQL databases, stopping extra areas, and substantially more.

Your own reseller account likewise has its own Cpanel, notwithstanding access to the master WHM control panel. You will discover data on the best way to achieve Cpanel and sign into it, in your setup email.

WHM gives you the capacity to pick the measure of space and data transfer capacity you wish to designate to your clients, and what highlights you wish to give.

Practically, the main genuine difference between your own particular master reseller account and the accounts you make in WHM is that you approach the master WHM control panel and your customers don't. Everything else is the same of course.

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