How to fix expired license error with WHM?

This article goes over correcting a license error you may get when signing into WHM. If this can't be set with this script, you should get in touch with us.

    1. In the event that after signing into WHM you get an error about the WHM/cPanel license expiring, sign into shh.

    2. Once signed into SSH as the root client, run the following order:


    3. Once the command is run, the following reaction ought to be shown:
           Updating Internal cPanel Information.....Done

    4. Try again to sign into the WHM interface at https://:2087. In the event that the license is as yet appearing as expired, take a stab at going to and confirming the license is active by entering the primary IP address of the server. If all else fails, please contact support and we can set it for you. We will require the root username and secret word of the server to correct the error.

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