Google introduces new best features

With another music feature, tap the search results to bring them up.

Google Now has without a doubt wind up plainly one of Android's most popular features, and the organization continues to add improvements to Cards to make its relevant application increasingly fit. Today, Google presented all the more new features for Google Now, including a live TV feature and Google Offers.

Google point by point the new Cards in a blog post on Android's Google Plus page today. TV Cards, as they're called, work with Internet-associated televisions to help raise more data about what's on-screen. Users must associate their Android gadget to the same system the television is associated with and afterward, tap the "Listen for a TV Show" Card in the Google Now application to look into more data. This feature will display items like show factoids and a profile of the actors in the cast.

For the thrifty, the Google Offers Card will enable you to monitor your saved offers. When you're almost a store you've clipped an offer for, this Card will send you a notice about the adjacent savings. A third new feature will let Google Now users play music from their phone with a simple voice command—"Play" artist or song. This music work also supports third party apps like Spotify and SoundCloud.

The new Cards are accessible with the latest iteration of the Google Search application.

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