Microsoft nearly about to buy Nokia-WSJ

Innovation pundits have since quite a while ago speculated that one day, Microsoft would purchase its way into assembling of its own mobile phones. Apparently, that day came a considerable measure closer to realization than individuals had thought.

As per the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft was in "advanced talks" to gain Finnish smartphone producer Nokia before talks as of late separated. Nokia, which has a market valuation of $14 billion, would be a genuinely easy pill for the cash-stacked Microsoft to swallow. The WSJ reports that Microsoft could have used some of its $66 billion in offshore accounts to procure Nokia before talks stalled.

Since February 2011, Nokia has exclusively used Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system to control its smartphones. Nokia has created a series of Windows Phone devices named "Lumia," the most recent of which — the Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 928 — it released this spring.

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