How To Create Strong Password?

Follow these steps to create a strong password:

1.Think sentence that you can remember
        This will be the base of your solid password or pass phrase. Utilize a critical sentence, for example, "My child Aiden is three years of age."

2.Check if the PC or online system supports the pass phrase directly 
       In the event that you can utilize a pass expression (with spaces between characters) on your PC or online framework, do as such.

3.If the PC or online framework does not support pass phrases, change it to a password
       Take the first letter of each expression of the sentence that you've made to make another, irrational word
. Utilizing the case above, you would get: "msaityo".

4.Add complexity 
       By mixing capitalized and lowercase letters and numbers. It is important to utilize some letter swapping or incorrect spellings too. For example, in the phrase expression above, consider incorrect spelling Aiden's name, or substituting "three" for the number 3. There are numerous conceivable substitutions, and the longer the sentence, the more unpredictable your password can be. Your pass expression may turn into "My SoN Ayd3N is 3 yeeRs old." If the PC or online framework won't bolster a pass expression, utilize a similar strategy on the shorter password. This may yield a password like "MsAy3yo".

5.Finally, substitute some uncommon characters
       You can utilize images that resemble letters, combine words (evacuate spaces) and different approaches to make the password more complex. Utilizing these steps, we make a pass expression of "MySoN 8N i$ 3 yeeR$ old" or a password (utilizing the primary letter of each word) "M$8ni3y0".

6.Test your new password with Password Checker
Password Checker is a non-recording highlight on this website that decides your password's quality as you write.

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