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Indeed, content writing is service provided by professional writers. In the same manner, these writers are responsible for producing relevant website content to be posted online. However, the content is to be written according to the targeted audience of a particular website. So, this method allows high traffic generation towards websites.


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  • Blog Posts - 2
  • Social Media Posts - 15
  • Press Release - 1
  • 100% Unique Content - ✔
  • Focused Keyword - ✔
  • No Keyword Spamming - ✔
  • Proper Keyword Density - ✔
  • Proper Heading & Subheadings - ✔


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  • Blog Posts - 4
  • Social Media Posts - 20
  • Press Release - 1
  • 100% Unique Content - ✔
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  • No Keyword Spamming - ✔
  • Proper Keyword Density - ✔
  • Proper Heading & Subheadings - ✔


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  • Blog Posts - 8
  • Social Media Posts - 30
  • Press Release - 1
  • 100% Unique Content - ✔
  • Focused Keyword - ✔
  • No Keyword Spamming - ✔
  • Proper Keyword Density - ✔
  • Proper Heading & Subheadings - ✔

Content Writing

Creating an impact on Audience

Content Writing

  • We understand the targeted audience and create content with respect to the target audience.
  • We write you content on focusing you your keyword that you are going to target.
  • Our content writer always takes care of competitor and keywords.
    Starting at Just PKR, 7,500/ only.
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Need to engaged people

Content Writing

  • Our Content Writers are experts in different fields such as SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.
  • We upload ideal content which makes an impact on readers to explore more.
  • Our content writers are Social media specialist and marketing experts.
    Starting at Just PKR, 7,500/ only.
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Therefore, in the present generation, most of the people fulfill their needs from the Internet. For instance, the Internet has become a marketplace where you can find everything you want. Moreover, it is the most informative and powerful tool in the world. Hence, the foremost target of the Internet is the fastest communication.

Consequently, People find most of the shops, blogs, trusted sources of information from the Internet. Further, it is important to realize the importance of Content writing. For this purpose, First Idea Web development is providing the services as a Content writing agency to keep you at the top position in traffic. For this reason, we provide Professional Content writing in Lahore Pakistan.


With this mind, most of the work happening online. So, websites now are in constant competition over popularity. However, website popularity is judged upon its traffic. So, one of the best ways to gain traffic using content writing is to use SEO content writing that is search engine optimized content writing. Although, this type of writing is basically a combination of the right words along with the correct build-up of sentences that form up quality content. Moreover, this type of content writing provides a beautiful description of services and products offered by a certain brand which captures the audience’s interest. Furthermore, a well-written Search engine optimized content writing allows a steady stream of traffic towards a website.


Indeed, digital marketing is the marketing of products through digital means. As content writing is the most important aspect of digital marketing. So, good content is what that attracts the people towards the product. Out of sight, digital marketing is basically done using blogs or social media.

Moreover, content writers work to attract buyers towards the product by producing attractive and catchy content. However, search engine optimization is the most popular method used in digital marketing. Hence, this method ensures a beautiful and catchy content and high traffic flow towards websites.


Eventually, outsource is basically requiring an outside help for some task through contracts. So, outsourcing, a method that seemed quite shady at one time but this method is now very popular. In-house teams rarely have enough writers to accomplish the task of writing high-quality content. Therefore, professional content writers are hired to fulfil these tasks.

In the second place, these professional writers have the knowledge of the content climate and they have a good understanding of what a professional content creation is so they work in accordance with it. Hence, this leads to high-quality content that gives the website a place on Google.

Furthermore, outsourcing enables the content to have high readability and this attracts appropriate audiences. Moreover, outsourcing is very beneficial in marketing and helps a brand gain popularity by attracting traffic and appropriate audience.


Additionally, there are various companies of content writing in Lahore that offer a number of packages. Moreover, these packages offer various incentives at different rates. As a result, the clients are free to choose from them according to their own requirements. The packages commonly offered are:


As a matter of fact, this service provides SEO writing. So, a. client can either order a fresh search engine optimized content to be written. However, if not that a pre-written content is given to the writer to copy write with additional SEO keywords.


Although, technical writing is basically content written according to technical and occupational fields such as engineering, medical, biotechnology, aeronautical etc. However, this type of content writing requires research.


Likewise above, a newsletter is basically a document that is issued to a society or an organization. In fact, it’s an official letter issued by an authorized member of the society. So, to write these letters, professional writers are hired.


Furthermore, a press release is basically a written statement issued by a company or organization. So, this statement is directed towards the media in order to announce any information that is newsworthy. Moreover, a professional writer is hired on contracts in order to construct the statement according to the desired audience.


In addition, a blog is an informational website or discussion. Specifically, it is informally written and regularly updated. So that, a small company or an organization usually control it. So, these companies hire professional writers who write specified content for targeted audience ensuring high traffic.

Mainly, informational Articles are formally written informational documents. Although, writers are hired to write about specific content. However, the content is research-based and requires an expert on a particular field before writing the content.

However, all these packages pay the writers according to the words they write. Moreover, The writers basically earn money for their work and creativity. Therefore, the writers provide high-quality content that is up to the requirements of their clients.


As a matter of fact, nowadays most of the world is summarized online. In a particular, whether it be marketing, research, or just simple plain entertainment. So, for this purpose content work is required. Moreover, this content work is provided by professional writers who work on providing the relevant work for the targeted audience.

Secondly, nowadays content writing is not only used for web content marketing but there are many more purpose towards it. Furthermore, it has become a means of mass communication. As a result, content writing provides an easy source to address and influence a large audience.


Specifically, First Idea Web development has talented Professional content writers in Pakistan. Although, we are delighted to serve you with the best team of professional content writers in Pakistan. In addition, we are serving more than ten years in web design and web development in Pakistan and all over the world.


As a matter of fact, we provide the services of Best Content writers in Lahore. However, the good article written on a website is the source of gaining more traffic. Although, content writing is the easiest and most effective method of keeping a website updated and informative than any other online tools. However, SEO content writing is necessary for a website to stay at the top of the websites. Because it is the process of describing effectively about the products and services of the website which attracts the users instantly. Hence, First Idea Web development is here to serve you effectively and at very reasonable prices.

In a similar fashion, in spite of multiple writers, we choose best ones. Once you will get work done by FIWD, you will be free from content writer availability. To clarify it, we have elaborated everything above. To demonstrate, we have uploaded portfolio. However, you can also contact us through mail or WhatsApp. Although, we offer an online order placement service for you. So, please select the package up to your requirements. And, then place the order. As a result, our team will contact you. Furthermore, you will get one revision for that content.

Hence, to get yourself free from content issues. In order to get unique content, do contact right away. Additionally, you will get SEO keywords for content (if required).

FAQ - Don't Worry, We are here

How do you start writing my content?

Well, we start writing by asking you the questions and doing research on topics. Although, we target the goal and writing content with respect to it.

How can you provide quality content economical rates?

Basically, we take care of our customers by providing high-quality creative content with affordable price. So, we keep our expense low and making a relationship with customers. Hence, share your requirements first.

Can you write a sample document for me?

No. we only refer you our work. From where you can get an idea from there. Therefore, there are many ways you can get a sense of our work.

How do I know the content you wrote for me is unique or copied?

Although, this is a good question. First, we provide you with a link plagiarism tool where you verified the content. Although, we write creative and unique content for you that engage readers.

How do you make my content more SEO-Friendly?

Although, we are SEO-Expert. So, we choose an SEO expert and content writing expert for you. Although, his target is to take care of SEO from the first word to the end of content.

How do I pay for content and how much you charge on content writing?

However, we write 250 words for social posts and 800 words for blogs. So, wou will pay in both manners. First, through cash and second, via bank transfer. Above all, we provide bank account details on our website.

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