Do follow backlinks are rare – But Not impossible to boost website!

Do follow backlinks are rare – But Not impossible to boost website!

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what is a do-follow backlink?

First, we need to know what is backlink. So if we are using a link in our site that takes the user to another site. Then it is simply called a backlink. There are two types of backlinks. One is the do-follow backlink. Another type is not-follow backlink. There is a slight difference between them.
The do-follow backlink is one of the types of backlinks. The search engine crawls through the site and opens links that we have given but the difference between a do-follow backlink and not-follow backlink. It is the search engine that only opens the do follow backlinks. And if we want the search engine to not open a specific link then we put it in the not-follow backlinks.

What is the purpose behind them?

if you want to rank your website in the search engine that do-follow backlink is an important factor. The search engine uses the backlink as the form of reference. If your site has good high-quality backlinks then, your site is popular in the eyes of google search engine. Moreover, other sites also recommend your site. Therefore, as a result, the google search engine will high your post rank in search results.

In simple words, the more high quality backlinks you have in your post. The more chances of high rank in the google search engine. In order to build a high business profile, it is important to concentrate on your backlinks. The SEO ranks your position and it does depend on the backlinks too.

Things you should know before Building up the backlinks for your site

  • Building up the fundamentals

First thing first, you should have a strong building block for a high rank in search engines. That comes from the basic keywords. Because no matter how qualitative your content is and how much better backlinks you have used for your site. But if no one is able to search your post then it is useless. Therefore, before focusing on the backlinks, you first have to keep a strong part in keywords.

  • Creating backlink carefully

You have to take notice of which posts should you give backlinks for. For this, there are many plugins who can pull out different links of your post to choose from. One of the plugins in the comment Luv. So when you are commenting on other blog posts. It provides an efficient way to simply drop your backlinks in the comments of the other blog posts. It allows the user to get to your site through backlinks.

  • Be aware, comment genuinely

If you are just dropping the comments on other blog posts for just the sake of backlinking. Then you might not be in luck for long. Because such comments are quickly detected and most probably they will end up in the trash. Therefore, you have to be genuine when you are commenting. So, your comment should look like a normal user sharing some information on a normal routine. It should be specific to the blog post.

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