ASO (App Store Optimization)

What is ASO?

ASO is short term for App Store Optimization. It works on the same principle as Search Engine Optimization. It helps to increase the rank of an application in an App Store.

This App Store can be Google Play store for Android, iTunes for iOS, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry, and Windows Store for Windows Phone.  

Mainly, It helps application to appear at the top in search results of App Store.

Additionally, it helps in marketing and digital marketing and SEO app. App Store Optimization also consists of activities of (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimization that emphasize on conversion of App Store impression to download. For example, A/B testing of screenshots.

As a matter of fact, ASO marketing & ASO digital marketing organization believes that SEO App drives more downloads because of high rank in top charts and search results. That is why, App Store optimization has scope in app indexing which helps in gaining features of App Store also.

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Moreover, its role is not only app download but it has supporting features like :

  • Marketing of brands in App Store
  • Increases worth of brand
  • Effective app reviews
  • Favorable app ratings.
  • Hence, keep the audience involved

Are you confused and thinking of justifying investment in App Store Optimization?

Well, you first know that the mobile App Store, app downloads and app users are increasing in number day by day. According to analytics of SEO App, 143.9 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2016 while 197 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2017. It is likely to increase in 2021 with a ratio of 352.9 billion.

App Store Optimization Packages


  • Installation
  • In-Depth App Analysis
  • Initial Baseline Report
  • On Page Optimization
  • App Store Optimization
  • App Title Optimization
  • App Description Optimization
  • App Keywords Optimization
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • App Review Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Facebook FanPage Setup
  • Wall Posting Periodically
  • YouTube Video Submission
  • YouTube Video Promotion
  • Silver

  • 500 to 1000
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • 5
  • 3
  • 5
  • 5
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  • Platinum

  • 4000 to 5000
  • 3
  • 2
  • 4
  • 3
  • 20
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • Order Now

Why App Store Optimization is important?

app store optimization

App Store optimization is as important as search engine optimization. According to estimated criteria, 63% apps are discovered on App Stores through searches. App Store is mostly used and common method of searching and downloading apps.

Search basically helps to increase downloading and installation of apps. ASO is like a huge discovery platform for an app to increase app search rank.

Billions of apps are working to increase rank above another in App Store. A bitter truth is that high majority of application publishers are not using this facility.

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Additionally, SEO App will be a helping hand in ASO Marketing, ASO Digital Marketing.

App Store optimization is a confidential weapon which takes your time and helps you to increase app ranking with success. App Store depends on rules to rank organic search signal like :

  • Indexing
  • Discovery of easy and unique app content
  • Algorithms to rank app including app and brand quality, reviews and rating, user engagement and freshness

ASO Marketing Trends

So, here are tactics of ASO digital marketing:

  • App title and app URL optimizing
  • Rating & reviews of apps
  • ASO Keyword search
  • Mobile friendly and linked
  • CTR Optimization
  • Google SERPS indexing of applications and etc.

Additionally, it is fact that we can optimize keywords and title regularly. Rules of the title include that title keyword should be with massive search traffic. Once, the app gets a high rank with more reviews, the app in form of news will spread like forest fire. But, it will be on one condition that title remains same. Otherwise, it would be difficult to spread news of the app.

Now, for keywords, you must select those words which are relevant to the topic and often used by the target audience. Plus point will be; keep monitoring your competitors and make comparison bi-weekly.

Hence, in order to show your app to potential customers, the app must be considered for search phrase of a user. It can impact how the algorithm of App store indexes the app. It works on strategy i-e.,  using keywords in the keyword field, App title, App subtitle, long and short description.

Moreover, ASO marketing and ASO digital marketing also helps in App Store Optimization. Google suggests new apps to users during an organic search in the mobile app store for relevant search too. It means that locked up content is now visible for organic search similar to traditional web pages which encourages a user to download the app.

Without wasting time, we would like to introduce you that First Idea Web is here as helping hand for you. You can contact online or visit the office for conversions of websites into mobile applications App Store Optimization, ASO Marketing, ASO digital Marketing, and SEO App.

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Importance of ASO Marketing

ASO marketing is same approach as SEO marketing for online business. Today, the customer uses mobile application platform rather than websites to access all the information they need.

As, customer find website with mobile application platform more friendly than surfing and searching required information on site. Hence, mobile application platform is important for any business these days. because, success of business on Internet is all about traffic and ranking.

aso marketing

Although, converting functional features of a website into the application is quite easy. So, First Idea Web is here for you to convert your website into the mobile application on any App store. But, the question is that how the customer will get to know about it?

The answer to this question is; ASO (App Store Optimization) which helps to market application among potential customers on an App store. And so far, increases the business by drawing more traffic to the app in the App Store.

So, in this fastest growing world of technology, First Idea Web have experts in ASO marketing. These experts focus on producing the remarkable amount of enhanced ROI from App Store.

What is ASO Digital Marketing?

aso digital marketing

ASO digital marketing is totally a new concept in the market. It is optimized for mobile App to rank these App in App Store. This App Store can be Google Play store for Android, iTunes for iOS, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry, and Windows Store for Windows Phone.

ASO helps to improve the visibility of an App in the App Store. Visibility means that it helps to spread news of new Apps digitally among potential customers. If you are thinking to know about ASO digital marketing then you will wonder to know about it.

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ASO Digital marketing is marketing of Apps online. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Digital marketing is traceable and measurable; you can track engagement of customers wherever you and they are in the world.

However, any business can gain traffic on app store through ASO digital marketing. ASO digital marketing helps to track and target customers. Hence, you can get rating and reviews of customers online. Which was not possible from marketing before.

We recommend you to invest in ASO digital marketing as it is cost effective and helps to gain profit online.

First Idea web development (PVT) Ltd. company is providing facility to customers to convert functional features of their website into the mobile application. And get that App, App Store optimized. Additionally, the customer can also contact online or visit an office for ASO digital marketing on an App.

What is SEO App?

If you are just searching for SEO App, then wait a second. You just need to know about App Store Optimization (ASO), let’s have a short review:

App Store Optimization is a repetitive process which improves app visibility in an App Store. Like SEO, ASO is all about the rank increment in the search. The main difference is:

  • ASO is for Mobile App Stores
  • SEO is for Desktop Web Searches

It’s now a century of mobile phones!. Majority of internet surfers are using mobile phones rather than desktop. This introduced Google to work on the mobile agenda to improve the user experience of accessing websites on the mobile phone. This is the reason, why the optimization of mobile websites was promoted.

Furthermore,  SEO’s work is getting famous in mobile Apps. However, website optimization is not limited to mobile-friendliness only but it also covers mobile apps as well today.

In this regard, experts at First Idea Web consider following norms to enhance the visibility of an app in App Store:

  • Customer review and ratings
  • Downloading
  • Rank
  • App shares
  • Impressive brand

As we have mentioned, App Store Optimization is the same as SEO. That is why the rules are the same. ASO brings traffic to App. The main points to get constant results and stand out in an App Store for infinite reach are consistent;

  • Tracking
  • Performance measurement
  • Result from reviewing

Hence, First Idea web development (PVT) Ltd. company is providing facility to customers to convert functional features of their website into the mobile application. And get that App, App Store optimized. Additionally, a customer can also contact online or visit the office for ASO marketing on an App.

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