Get services of whois domain info First Idea Web Development in Lahore Pakistan – Try domain lookup tool & find who owns domain.

Here you can get domain info like domain lookup and who owns domain. First Idea Web Development Company provides the facility to web owners to get the WHOIS information about any website or domain.

Do you know what WHOIS is and WHOIS domain?

WHOIS is a mechanism to get and check the information about the owner of the domain and to contact them. Moreover, it is a method to check who owns domain. In other words, it is like an internet directory that stores all the information about the domains.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) administer the WHOIS information that is the domain name, its ownership details and domain details.

Furthermore,  to get domain info that who owns domain, use the feature of WHOIS provided by the Lahore based company, First Idea Web Development.

In addition, these domain info act as an essential information regarding domain by administrating and ensuring the integrity of domain and website details.

What is the WHOIS domain?

WHOIS domain is the domain name for which you want to get the details. Through domain lookup tool you can access the information about the domain and who owns domain.

Who owns domain?

Have you ever think of how to get the details that who owns domain? We, First Idea Web Development, provides the opportunity to its users to get the domain info through a domain lookup tool.

For this, enter the whois domain about which you want to get the details. After entering the whois domain, press enter. And our whois lookup tool will provide all the information regarding the domain like who owns domain and other essential domain info.

In other words, you will get the information that who owns domain about every available domain through First Idea Web Development domain lookup facility.

Transformation & Application of domain lookup:

Domain Lookup is a tool used for getting the domain information. WHOIS lookup act as a medium that provides details like who owns domain.

We, First Idea web development provides a mean to web owners to get the domain details through a domain lookup tool.

Previously, the command line interface was used for getting the domain info. Moreover, through command line interface it is quite difficult to get the domain information. Not all the people can use CLI for getting the details of who owns domain.

With the advancement in technology, an alternate was introduced. This alternative method of getting the domain details like who owns domain and about registering a company is much easier and simple. Moreover, all the people either technical or non-technical can get the domain details through this new alternative.

Domain lookup tool is the name of the new web-based tool that has replaced the command line way of getting the domain details.

First Idea Web development being a leader in providing IT-based services provides the free web-based tool, WHOIS domain tool. Through this WHOIS domain tool, any person can get the domain info by typing the domain name.

Data provided by the Domain lookup

By entering the domain name in the domain lookup bar at First Idea web development website, you can get the domain info. Following is the information that you will get from the First Idea web development domain lookup tool

Domain ID
WHOIS Server
Expiry Date

The registrar
Abuse Contact Email

Usage of WHOIS domain info:

After getting the domain info through First Idea Web Development domain lookup tool, you can get the domain details.

Details provided by the Whois domain is used for the following purposes:

  • To check if the domain is available or not
  • Provide network administrators details
  • To detect registration complications
  • In case any technical problem occurs, you can get and contact the Network administrator
  • Expiration and creation date are essential and act as a proof that assists webmasters in solving issues with the registrar
  • Through a domain lookup tool, you can solve the domain issues by getting the contact details of web administrators
  • To show that an authoritative company is operating your web and its related queries
  • Moreover, to contact the registrar for the protection of the intellectual rights and issues related to domain security

Can I hide the domain info?

As a matter of fact, there is no way to hide the existence of the domain. Moreover, you cannot hide the WHOIS domain details.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) define the rule that the contact details of the domain owners must be made public through WHOIS directories. In addition, WHOIS maintains different directories that store the information related to domains. Moreover, these directories contain each and everything about a domain, from domain name to the contact details of the domain owner.

First Idea Web Development Domain lookup:

Thus, if you are looking to get the domain from trustworthy domain providers, then First Idea Web Development will be your best choice. In fact, First Idea web development is a right platform for all the webmasters that provide all the services under one place.

Furthermore, along with the domain name search and domain buying facility, it provides free WHOIS domain lookup.

Thus, write the domain name in the domain lookup tool of First Idea web development and get the domain details.

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