Domains & Hosting

Domain Registration

Moreover, the most important factor behind the online success of your website is to register and get a great domain name. First Idea Web Development Pvt Ltd Company makes it easy for you to get an online domain name registration. We are offering a variety of domains and also customized sub-domains for your websites.

Get a free private domain registration for 1 year from First Idea Web Development Pvt Ltd Company.


If you are looking for any type of web hosting to rent a space for a website, then First Idea Web Development Pvt Ltd Company facilitates you with a service of web hosting at most affordable rates. It is really difficult to host your website on a local computer. To get rid of this headache, our team of experts is serving our valued clients with an excellent web hosting services.

Our company is offering a maximum level of bandwidth according to your required hosting packages. The amount of data you can transfer between site, users and internet also depend on the size of bandwidth. In addition to this, we also offer a highly secured, scalable and durable databases.

You can contact us to purchase online any type of hosting and domain registration services according to your need. Hence you will get exactly the same for what you paid for with 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Why is there a need of Web Hosting?

Web Hosting allows you to get an online storage for your web pages. The basic need for web hosting is when you want to maintain files for your website. It also gives your website a perfect outlook for storage of data by passing through a series of operations.

Types of Hosting

First Idea Web Development provides you different types of hosting for your websites according to the clients’ need. The decision to have which type of hosting you need for your website depends on the number of visitors per month you want to visit your website.

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting, many websites are operated on a single server. Smaller businesses commonly use shared web hosting because shared resources minimize cost. Each client has own unlimited web space and bandwidth.

As different websites share the same memory, so due to high traffic load on a single server affect the performance of all websites. Hence shared Hosting allows up to 30000 visitors to visit per month on your website. This hosting is very economical and simple to set up and can easily operate.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated Hosting, single server hosts only a single website. The entire focus of the server is only on your single website, giving your website to perform at best and efficiently. Dedicated Hosting allows up to 100,000 visitors per month to visit on your website. Although it is expensive than shared Web Hosting but it has also other advantages i.e it has a dedicated IP and anyone can also browse it easily in just microseconds. Dedicated Web Hosting is most commonly used by business who want to have control and security for their websites.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is an advanced form of Web Hosting, usually used by high traffic websites. In Virtual Private Server, you can reserve as much of the space as you want for your website. At First Idea Web, we give the client own installed space with its own computer(server).

Moreover it is very complex to set up and has dedicated IP. Unlike shared hosting, it does not share memory or time. Every client has its own partition and bandwidth. Therefore any client using Virtual Private Server partition does not affect the other clients using Virtual Private Server.

Hundreds of computers are connected together and serving as a single server. The most important benefit of Virtual Private Server is that you can use this type of hosting for small to larger websites without switching to other servers.

Reseller Hosting

In reseller Hosting, resellers sell hosting space of anyone’s server to a customer. Reseller actually plays a role of a middleman.

Grid Hosting

In Grid Hosting, we can add or take away more servers from the system. Moreover grid Hosting allows spreading resources over a multiple of servers instead of using a single server.

Moreover, the server will work 24/7 hours on which your website is hosted.  We will provide you with your own IP address. As IP addresses are easy to forget so First Idea Web Development Pvt Ltd Company also facilitates to choose a low-cost domain name registration for the IP address of the server.

Unlimited MySQL Databases

In the MySQL database, we use SQL which is the most common language for the management of content in a database. Moreover, SQL is easy, reliable and flexible to use.

SSL Certification (Secure Socket Layers)

SSL certificates secure the sensitive information related to your business. So no one can see your credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords while reaching to the destination server if you are encrypted with SSL Certificate. SSL certificate secures the information you send on the internet and can not be shared with anyone except with your destination recipient.

Quality of Service

Uptime represents that hosting service is available. Quality of a website depends on uptime. We ensure you to offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for each host. Moreover, the percentage calculated each time website is up and running represents the uptime of a website.