This page contains information regarding refund policy. If you are not satisfied or in any minor doubt, you may review it for 100% satisfaction.


Before renting in your project we offer a wide range of product portfolio that you can see the quality of our work and work with us. If you have any questions or reservations, please contact us at our service. thank you!

  • Web Design

After payment or deposit for web design, it will not be returned. If the project is canceled or delayed, all paid money will be retained. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel within first 10 days to have your money return back.

  • Return Fee

If we receive a payment dispute from the bank or credit company, your services and/or orders will be suspended. Reimbursement fee (for repayment of the fee paid by the credit card company) and the outstanding amount shall be paid in order to get the full amount of service, the documents to be transferred or other subsequent work to be finished.

Please contact us if you have any billing issues. This is a fraud requiring a return and dispute in order to receive our valid fee. It is an improper or illegal mean of obtaining a return. Hence, read our refund policy carefully and make sure that you understand it completely.

  • Domain and Website Hosting-Non-Refundable

Payments for domain and web hosting cannot be refunded. The hosting account is created at the time of the order and is allocated based on the plan purchased by the specific server resources. Moreover, if the user does not use the account, the service commission will still be charged.

This does not apply to accounts that have been removed for violation of our acceptable use policy and service agreement.

Domain name fees cannot be returned, although the domain name can be transferred.

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