Company Registration Services – Easy Incorporation of Company

Company Registration Services – Easy Incorporation of Company

Do you need company registration in Pakistan? Are you looking for registering a business? And do not know how to get

incorporation of company. Then to register company name, register a company, & for trademark registration in Pakistan. We are here for you. Call us ☎ +923104358816
In this article, you will get all the information related to company registration in Pakistan (incorporation of company, register a company, registering a business, register company name, trademark registration in Pakistan).

The process of Company Registration In Pakistan (Incorporation Of Company)


Do you have a plan to start your own company but worrying for Company Registration In Pakistan (Incorporation Of Company)? Then do not worry, you will get all the information about company registration in Pakistan? hopefully, you will find all the information to start a business and register a business in Pakistan.
The process to register company name is very easy. What you have to do is to follow the guided steps to register a company. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan governs the process of incorporation of company. However, companies Ordinance Act of 1984 controls it. Although, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan appoints the registrar to register company name.

Types of companies for trademark registration in Pakistan – Company Registration In Pakistan (incorporation Of Company)


There are 3 different types of companies according to the Companies Ordinance, 1984 which can be a company:
  • Private limited by shares: In this company, the shareholder owns limited liability on the paid amount/due amount.
  • Limited by guarantee: This company is independent of shares and shareholders – No share and shareholders but members.
  • Unlimited liability company: The private company (general partnership or Sole proprietorship), where owner/s, stockholders, or partners take responsibility for personal as well as unlimited liability for all debts as well as obligations of the company. In return, they do not pay double tax for the company.


However, we have placed a form below for company registration in Pakistan. So, please fill to register company name. Consequently, we will contact you right away. 

Here are some pre-defined rules by SECP for the incorporation of company in Pakistan.

Register Company Name – Incorporation Of Company (Company Registration In Pakistan)

Although there are many. But, we summarize all the steps for registering a business in just six essential steps. So, here you go with the first step in detail.

  • Choose & approve to register company name

First, you need to find and choose a unique name with an appropriate selection of words. SECP does not accept prohibited terms according to the policies. Moreover, if you choose any prohibited words or resembling words with other existing companies then your proposed selection of company name will be thoroughly scrutinized. Hence, while selecting a name to register a business ( register a company), one must overview the terms and conditions by SECP.

For this reason, one needs a lawyer. Do not worry, we are here with the solution. Just read the whole article or you may contact us/fill the form. The company will contact you at earliest.

  • Charges for incorporation of company ( Register a company – Registering a Business)

Once the company name gets registered, one needs to file an application to SECP in order to get the name availability certificate. SECP charge fee for this certificate. So, challan form can be paid in any MCB Branch (Muslim Commercial Bank). And in last, SECP acquires some documents mentioned below:

  • Compliance declaration
  • Office’s locality identification
  • Particulars of entities inclusive of directors, chief accountants, secretary, auditors, & any other/s.
  • Copies of documents; signed MoAs & AoAs as mentioned below:


MOA stands for Memorandum of Association. Its objective is to define the niche/sector of the business. This sector can be trading, manufacturing, travel agency, education, supply/chain of stores, or any category that defines the type of business industry.


AoA stands for Articles of Association. It comprises of daily proceedings of the company like how the company will function; role of CEO, directors, daily meetings, hiring etc inclusively.

  • Company Seal With Digital Signature ( Register A Company – Registering a Business)

For incorporation of company, company seal with a digital signature is a necessary part. National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) grants respective signature and obtained by using E-services of the SECP. After issuance of the registration certificate, one has to show the company seal; location of the business head office inclusively. Additionally, there is a corporate seal in some states that require to be submitted as a company seal.

  • Registration of income, sales, & other professional taxes ( Register A Company – Registering a Business)

There are 3 types of tax registrations given below:

Income Tax Registration – For Company Registration In Pakistan (Incorporation Of Company)

As a matter of fact, it is essential to register company name for occurring taxes. For income tax registration, one has to apply for NTN (National Tax Number) at the tax facilitation canter of the RTO (Regional Tax Office) of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). Although, the required documents for NTN are below; need to be submitted at the RTO’s tax facilitation counter in Pakistan.

  • Form of NTN
  • Proof of Registration
  • Additionally, MoAs & AoAs
  • Likewise, Bank Account Number
  • Moreover, Copies of NIC/s (National Identity Card/s) of firms’ Directors
  • And, Business Address Attestation

Sales Tax Registration – For Company Registration In Pakistan (Incorporation Of Company)

However, for sales tax registration, one has to apply for STN (Sales Tax Number) at the tax facilitation of the RTO (Regional Tax Office) of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue).

Professional Tax Registration – For Company Registration In Pakistan (Incorporation Of Company)

Additionally, for professional tax registration, one needs to register with ET (Exercise and Taxation) Department of the District.

  • Registration with EOBI and essi ( Register a company – Registering a Business)

Likewise, for registering a business, the company need to register with below-mentioned institutions; Location dependent.


  • Firstly, Punjab Employees Social Security Institutions – PESSI
  • Secondly, Sindh Employees Social Security Institution -SESSI
  • Thirdly, Balochistan Employees Social Security Institution -BESSI
  • Fourth, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  Employees Social Security Institution – KPKESSI

Moreover, any industry/commercial establishment having employees equal or more than 5 need to get registered with EOBI (Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution). Additionally, upon retirement, EOBI insures the employees will entitle to the pension, invalid in case of an old-age grant, disability, or survivor’s pension.

  • Registration with LABOUR department of respective district ( Register a company – Registering a Business)

In order to provide security to the labour standard of the workers, every company need to register with the District Chief Inspector of the labour dept of the respective district. However, to register company name, the employer is acquired submission of the application form A and challan form of relevant bank.

And hence, these are the essential requirements for company registration in Pakistan (incorporation of company, register a company, registering a business, register company name, trademark registration in Pakistan). Although one needs to fulfil all mentioned requirements but need a lawyer or entity to register company name.

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Benefits of Digital Services To A Business – Promotion

Benefits of Digital Services To A Business – Promotion

A vast benefit of digital marketing has seen. Get to know how the digital market is beneficial for small & large business’. Promote unique products & gain profit!

Hunting for the ways to promote your business rapidly without spending high money? Here is the best solution. For sure it is ‘Digital Services.  Undoubtedly, it’s a digital era then why not to take advantage of digital services and boost to the business. Before that have a look that what digital services are.

Digital service is a type of business promotion in which the company utilizes online means for the promotion and advertisement of their business. It is a feasible and convenient method of business promotion.

Benefits of promoting your business through digital services:

  • Digital services are effective as they can help to reach the highest number of web visitors. As 2 billion people in the world are connected to the internet. Either it is paid or unpaid. I-e., SEOGoogle Adwords, Facebook Adverts, Display Advertising, Content Marketing, and many more.
  • The business scope will expand beyond the boundary walls of the physical stores through digital marketing. Moreover, the scope of business will increase and can attract customers from various geographical locations
  • Digital services also include the development of a web platform. Moreover, it constitutes of an e-commerce website and an online store. In addition, it enables you to sell tour products or services online and receive payments through convenient
  • Digital services are important if a business wants to attain an online representation. It allows business owners to create an online copy of your business which is more convenient and feasible.
  • It includes techniques which enable the business owners to draw the most web traffic possible to the website, make useful conversions and drives sales of the business. Thus, generating more revenue for the business.
Boost Your Business With SEO – Why I Need To Rank My Web?

Boost Your Business With SEO – Why I Need To Rank My Web?

The essential commitment to optimize pages, fix technical SEO issues, Manage Google my business, citations, schema markup. Everything with SEO Experts.

Boost your post with SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and tricks that can be used to enable a post or website to reach the highest number of web users possible. You can add relevant keywords, links, meta tags, and content to your post to boost it through SEO.

Adding useful content to the website makes it easier for the web crawlers to search your post and find out what it contained. Thus, your relevant post will be visible to the user for access. Therefore, the main aim of SEO is to add influential content to the post.

Why do I need to rank my web?

Here, the essential factor to consider is that most of the users prefer to be on the first page of the search engine. People invest in SEO experts who add the content and keywords to your website with high search volume.

Moreover, the higher number of keywords higher the success rate. But don’t exceed the limit as it will throw you out from the high ranking list. Therefore, use standard way and number of keywords and stand out in the queue of the companies which provide similar services.

However, if you are facing any difficulty during the journey of boosting your website, don’t worry. Because it’s a tricky process. But you can take the assistance of First Idea Web Development, as we have SEO experts. More to this they can assist you in your journey and will take your website on the first page of search engine.

Stylish Logo Designing Services – Generate Brand Awareness!

Stylish Logo Designing Services – Generate Brand Awareness!

Get professional and stylish logo – Convey a business message through logo designed by the expert graphic designer – Design – Redesign logo

A website is an important part of a business which plays a very important role to attract the highest number of customers online. It portrays the real image of the business and the services it provides. A website holds in it, several elements that play a part in business awareness individually. One of these significant elements are the business logos.

The business logo is a short graphical mimic which represents the main idea of a business. An innovative and attractive logo can be a very important factor as it attracts and inspires the web traffic. Thus the traffic directs to your website. The logo can, therefore, help to initiate useful traffic conversions on the website and it can also serve as the cheapest marketing tool.

Create an inspiring image of your business in online market! Have a logo today & inspire the world!

Many companies provide logo design services which can be beneficial to create business awareness. Such companies have experts who are capable to create attractive and stylish logos for business companies. Moreover, you can use these logos in business cards, brochures, website, and offices for brand awareness. In addition, business owners can use these logos as a marketing tool.

As a matter of fact, stylish logos play a very important role to generate more customers. Because it helps in driving sales indirectly. Therefore, a business company should always consider expert advice and help to design a stylish logo for brand awareness.

Ecommerce Business Market Is Getting Started in Pakistan – Trending

Ecommerce Business Market Is Getting Started in Pakistan – Trending

Pakistan is rapidly growing in ecommerce business market since 2016. The trend of online shopping is remarkable proof. Market size will be 1 billion in 2020.

The trend of e-commerce business market is getting popular day by day. People are switching from physical market to online shipping stores because of its convenient and safe services. Many business owners are generating online stores and e-commerce markets.

Many companies have started services of online business websites and are serving people with the most efficient website building services. People are getting more and more interested in these services and find it more feasible and convenient than physical markets.

Why choose E-commerce business marketing?

  • E-commerce business markets reduce the risk of security threats that a customer might face when he visits a market.
  • Moreover, it also saves the time, energy and resources of the customers. Because on the other hand, they have to take out time, use their vehicles, travel to a market, wander around and observe different products, analyze the best product and finally buy it.  But this becomes very easy through e-commerce websites.
  • All products are visible on a single page along with its detail features
  • The customers can compare the products very easily. Moreover, they can also view the reviews and recommendations of other customers through e-commerce business marketing.
  • Decision making becomes easier for the customer and the product are available to a home in somewhat similar charges to the market.

The increasing trend of e-commerce business markets is the indicator of the positive step towards the advancement of the IT industry in Pakistan.

Top 10 Small Business Website Designing & Development Ideas

Growing business is not as easy as a unicorn with the rainbow. It comes up with bigger challenges with contemporary tech. Sales improve revenue with timelapse.

If you are thinking about having a website being a local business owner, then the following ideas can help you to create an attractive local business website.

  1. Build a website from Built-in platform like WordPress: you should avoid hiring a coder or learn coding skills. A platform like WordPress provides easy website building tools.
  2. Keep your contact information prominent: keep your contact information highlighted so customers can easily access.
  3. However, Improve website accessibility: setup easy menus and buttons to provide easy accessibility to the customers.
  4. Keep your website updated: update any new services and products timely.
  5. Check out what your competitors are doing: keep an eye on what others are doing and try to make positive changes to your website.
  6. Likewise, Add real customer reviews: add real customer reviews for an impressive touch to your website.
  7. Check out the industry trends: Watch out for industry trends and keep following.
  8. Moreover, Set a responsive theme: add a responsive theme for better customer response.
  9. Have simple navigation: add simple navigation tools t create a user-friendly site.
  10. Additionally, Share on different social media platforms: share your blogs, product or news on different social media platforms and target the customers from these platforms

Although, after following the above 10 high priority but simple steps you can observe a rapid boost in your website performance.

Website Designing and Development in Pakistan – Trending

Website Designing and Development in Pakistan – Trending

Review the leading website designing and development agencies in Pakistan. Get the best developers and designers to fulfil your needs.

The IT industry of Pakistan is advancing. The people are getting more and more involved in the mobile and electronic gadgets. Moreover, it is enhancing the ways to create feasibility and convenience for the customers.

web development

Today, the website designing and development is getting more and more popularity in Pakistan. People are trying to create innovative and attractive websites for the online representation of their businesses. Moreover, they are able to add unique features to the website so that their customers can get a user-friendly interface for better navigation of the website and thus get the best services to form the company.

Rapid Rise in Web designers and web development companies:

Undoubtedly, the rising trend of web development has pushed many business owners and freelancers in this field. It is important to mention that many people are learning techniques and skills so they can be able to develop the best website for themselves and for others as well. They are trying new strategies for creating the most user-friendly interface for their customers.

The increasing trend of website development is attracting many business owners as well. They are hiring teams of experts and companies to get the best online company for themselves.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider that due to the lack of experience and technology, these websites do not match the world-class websites. However,  they have attained a good position online but it will not last long. If you want long-lasting online appearance then you must have an eye-catching and classy website. However, if you want to create a splendid website of your business at the best price, then don’t forget First Idea Web Development in this regard.

Redesigning My Web Is Need Of Time

Redesigning My Web Is Need Of Time

Do you have a website and in search of redesigning services? Learn from expert designers and update your business website – Designers Available

The time changes constantly and so do the needs and requirements of the people. The business companies must keep an eye on their services and products and keep them updated with the current requirements of the customers.

Modern needs, modern requirements

The business companies must also build their website as people are switching from market to online shopping and like knowing about you, your company and its services online. The website must match with the latest technology demands and user expectations.

Website redesigning

The website should also show the latest products and services. Moreover, keep the customer updated about any latest changes that they have conducted. Moreover,  redesign your website timely to keep it function properly.

Many web owners have experts who are capable to analyze the modern society needs. Moreover,  devise the most important changes that must be opted in order to keep the company and website updated.

Create ease for your customers

Redesigning the website is therefore very important for maintaining the convenience of the customers and create a feasible and convenient environment.  It is the need of time since technology is continuously advancing and the customers always prefer the services of an updated company.

The updated and modernly designed website provides 100% more customers to your business leading to long term success. As website act as an interface between the company and the customer.

Thus, redesign your interface now!


Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

To increase exposure, you need a mobile-friendly website. Search engine Optimization is a key part in the performance of website with Google’s Updates.


Most of the people around the world access the internet through mobiles and tablets. The usage of laptops and computers is greatly decreased due to the popularity of portable and smart electronic gadgets. It means that most of the web traffic access internet and visit websites through their mobiles and tablets.

A mobile-friendly website helps the customers to access the website from any device they wish from and at anytime

In this regard, the website owners must look put for developing mobile-friendly websites which can work properly on mobiles and tablets. Such websites do not require any plugin by the user to be installed before accessing the website properly.

Why create a mobile friendly website?

mobile friendly website

For the convenience of the customers and creating a customer friendly interface, a mobile-friendly website is an ideal opportunity to impress the customers. Moreover, most of the customers don’t prefer laptops and personal computers. Whereas, more then half of the world uses cell phones and smart tablets.

Adding to the context, the customers like a website which fits properly on the screen of their gadget whether it be mobile or a tablet. In addition, they love it when the navigation through the website is very convenient through their mobile.

The website owners must seek expert help and use certain tools that can help to develop a mobile-friendly website which can impress visitors and increase the customer count. Moreover, for this you can take the services of the best web development company; First Idea web development

Key advantages of having a mobile friendly website:

  • Have a world tour with a single click
  • Can access the website by sitting anywhere
  • Easy to run on all type of platforms
  • Can target a large number of audience

And much more!

Why Domain is Necessary?

Why Domain is Necessary?

To recognize a business, it needs a domain name for presence on the internet. Otherwise, it will lead nowhere. The domain is a unique identity.

  • Are you hunting to create your online presence quickly and speedily?
  • Do you want to boost up your business sharply?
  • Want to target customers from far-flung areas just by a single click?

If ‘YES’ then you have reached the right destination and you need a domain for your business.

domainThe domain is the unique identity of your website which helps you to have a unique online representation and retain the branding of your business online. A unique domain name helps customers to identify you. They can also refer you to other customers through the domain name. In this way, the domain name is a very important part of the website.

A domain can also be added to the keywords, meta tags and content of your website. Thus, it helps in search engine optimization of your Business website. It also contributes to the digital marketing strategies to a greater extent.

A unique domain name portrays the type of business you own and also indicated about the products you sell or the services you provide. This can be effective in case you provide services similar to other companies. This can help to stand out in the queue of similar companies and thus retain your identity.


The domain name helps the customers to access you quickly and help business owners to drive more web traffic to your website. Thus, with making effective changes and customizations to the website this traffic can be converted to the web customers and drive sales. In short, the domain name is an essential element of creating an online presence without it you cannot create an online presentation of your business.

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